Vega Face Pack Brush: Review

A few days back I went to an impromptu outing to a fancy party and even though my friend had everything I needed to change my look from day to night, I struggled. I struggled because I am so used to using brushes that it took me a while to go to doing my makeup with my fingers which  is kind of weird as I switched to brushes after the longest time but now I have used brushes even for stuff like applying face pack. Coming to facepack, well I used to apply face packs with fingers which was definitely pretty messy so when I saw this facepack brush from Vega and took a glance at the price, I picked it up without thinking twice.


Price: Rs 120

The Vega Face Pack Brush has  white wooden handle, black ferrule and cream bristles. The brush has a flat surface with densely packed bristles. The bristles are thick and look rough but they feel pretty soft on the skin and do not irritate the skin even a bit.


The shape and density of the brush pick up sufficient quantity of product and applying the pack to various parts of the face is pretty easy. I like how the brushes are light in color so I can see exactly how much product I have picked up. The flat structures helps in an even application even to areas like the corners of the nose or around the eyes.


I was a little afraid that the bristles might get stained by the brushes because they are so light in color but they clean up pretty well. I clean it using baby shampoo like I do with my makeup brushes and I do take my time with it because the brushes are dense so you have to make sure that there is no product stuck in the middle.


I am pretty happy with the brush. It hasn’t shed a hair , retained its shape, application of my face packs is so easy with this brush and my nails are particularly thankful. The bristles are soft, their quality great, there has been no shedding and it is so affordable so basically I have zero complains.