Vega Professional Blush Brush: Review

I remember a few years back when I was trying to prep for my college farewell, I decided it is finally time to venture into makeup brushes. I had no clue how expensive makeup brushes can be and just as I was about to give up on finding a decent brush set in my budget,I discovered Vega. Even though now I have a decent bank balance which I usually put a dent in while trying new cosmetics, I still find myself going back to Vega for my essential brushes. I was pretty excited when the brand came out with the professional brush range and one of the first brushes bought from this range was the Vega Professional Blush Brush.


Price: Rs. 450

The Vega Blush Brush come in a plastic packaging  and a cover to protect the bristles. The brush has a matte black handle and a silver ferulle with black bristles. The bristles are 100% natural and packed compactly . The handle has a decent length and is broad enough to give a good grip so I find it pretty comfortable to use.


The brush has different shape than most blush brushes I use. It has a flat oval-shaped structure and dome-shaped top. Most affordable brushes start loosing hair after a couple of washes but I have used this brush for a while, washed it more than a dozen times and it hasn’t shed a hair or lost its shape.


The bristles are really soft and do not irritate my skin. The unique shape ensures precise application while the dome shape helps in blending the product well. It does take a little practice to work with this brush but once you get the hang of it you will love the brush. I usually pat the color softly on my cheeks using the sides and then blend it using the top. The shape proves to be useful if you want to double the brush up to apply highlighters as well. Highlighters need precise application so I hold the bristles together to apply highlighters on the cheek bones and bridge of the nose.


I definitely think that this brush is a good option if you are looking for an affordable option. It will prove to be a particularly great addition if you are a beginner but want a good quality makeup brushes. I have used i both as a blush brush and a highlighter brush without any hassles. The brush doesn’t shed, doesn’t lose its shape or lose its softness so you can use it for a long time.