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Vendor Review: New Delhi Studio

It has been so long since anything has been posted in the Wedding Diaries section of the blog so I decided to add a something to it today. To be honest, I kind of miss the excitement associated with writing each post in the wedding diaries and because you guys loved it so much, I decided I am going to keep the section active with little tips and tricks, vendor information and anything wedding related that catches my fancy till I get to talk about another wedding I am involved in…not mine of course but I still have loads of unmarried relatives :p

One of the major areas of concern in planning a wedding after the date and venue has been fixed, is to find a good wedding photographer. I shared the same concern during my wedding because my experience during my engagement was a complete nightmare and the kind of work that our “professional” photographer delivered was definitely worse than anything I could have imagined. This experience led to me taking matters in my own hands to look for a team that could make my vision come true and that is when I discovered New Delhi Studios.


New Delhi Studio or NDS is the brain child of one of the most renowned photography clubs in India, the Delhi Photography Club and thus aim to cater every possible requirement in photography not just professionally but passionately. The team of four very talented photographers offer services ranging from pre-wedding to videography and even creation of a website that will showcase pictures and complete information about your wedding function and the venue also with the facility of RSVP.

Aakriti 1


Coming to my experience with NDS, well all I can say is that I couldn’t have asked for a better team. They are magicians with lenses and literally captured all my special moments in a manner that just took my breath away. A particular trait of the team that I really appreciated was that they make you feel so comfortable even in a crowded setup which was such a boon for someone like me who gets really nervous posing or getting clicked when I am surrounded by people.



Sneha Mehendi-7


I have horrifying memories from weddings I have attended where photographers are shouting on the top of their voices in order to get the “perfect” shot and I was sure I did not want that kind of a nuisance in my wedding. I was so glad to see that the team shared my opinion about this kind of a behavior and I loved how they just quietly captured those raw emotions that weddings are filled with without imposing themselves or their ideas on us. I think the fact that we never realized there were photographers around actually helped in capturing some of the most amazing candid moments which me and my family will cherish for life.

Sneha Wedding-48


Sneha Wedding-16

And finally the best thing about NDS is that they have such a beautiful understanding of the translating the relationship between the bride and groom into frames which was visible in the simple yet serene concept they had for my pre-wedding which made the whole experience really fun for us and the pictures just left me speechless.


IMG_0358 (2)


Overall, I think as photographers their niche lies in understanding what their clients want and translating their vision into pictures. I am so glad I found them and I would totally recommend them for a fuss-free,fun-filled wedding photography experience. You can check out more of there work by going through my wedding series 🙂

P.S. If you liked there work but are wondering if they will fit your budget, well New Delhi Studio is offering to capture your wedding in 1 lakh only. This is limited period offer so make sure you book them before their calendar is full. You can visit their website here or get in touch with them at +91-9910738939

Disclaimer: I have not reimbursed by NDS in any manner for this review. Just sharing my personal experience with them 🙂