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Vendor Review: Plum Salon, Hauz Khas

I recently read a book whose protagonist was a makeup artist and she said “There’s something so pure about doing up a bride. Making a woman look beautiful on her biggest day!!” , beautiful right? Well reading this made me think about my wedding along with the amazing makeup artist I hired so I decided it was time to review her on the blog so let me introduce you guys to Anita Punwani at the Plum Salon , Hauz Khas.

Anita was recommended to me by my sister-in-law who hired her for her own wedding and having seen how gorgeous she looked, I decided to book a trial with her to discuss the kind of bride I wanted to look like. My confidence in Anita grew even more after the wedding as she spent almost an hour to understand what I wanted, my outfit, jewelry, all other little elements of my whole look and then another 30 minutes creating a rough look along with hairstyle idea.


On the day of the wedding, it was no different. Me and my sisters were late but as soon as we entered the salon, Anita calmed me down. She gave me a cup of coffee, got my outfit and jewelry sorted and asked me to head straight to the getting my hair washed. Once I was done with my hair, I changed and then got a part of my hair done first. What I absolutely loved about her was that even though it was busy day at salon with a couple of other brides in as well and my hair styling was being  handled by a junior assistant, Anita made sure she kept checking in every few minutes.


Now even though we had decided on a particular kind of a look during trial, Anita changed her mind after taking a look at my saree. I was completely against wearing that Christmas tree combination of red green and cold for my wedding but she asked me to trust her and assured me that I would love what she is going to do. I know what you are thinking, do you or do you not trust a change of plans on your d-day…well I was pretty confused for a while but having seen Anita’s work during the trial, I decided to take the chance and I am so glad I did.


One thing I was pretty clear about the fact that on the day of my wedding, I wanted to look like myself and not some made up face with layers and layers of makeup and I have to say I couldn’t be happier with the final result. My whole makeup looks so clean and natural in the pictures and don’t even get me started on the amount of compliments I received. The eye makeup turned out to be my favorite thing about the whole look so much so that I don’t think I could find any flaws with my look and would even say that it turned out to be better than what I had visioned.


My hairstyle was perfect, my sari did not budge even though I was carried around ( read wedding post for more details), asked to sit and then get and then sit again like a zillion times and even though I have an oily skin, my makeup looked perfect till the around 6 the next morning which is pretty much 12 hours from the time I got ready.



Do I recommend her? Definitely. She is pretty affordable compared to most of the other wedding makeup artist but do not confuse what she charges with quality of work she delivers. Anita is one hell of a talented makeup artist, I loved her work and you can see for yourself how she gave the traditional red, green and gold a slightly modern twist. Do consider her if you are looking for a good MUA and honestly can’t wait to go back and get ready at salon for the next big occasion.