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Vivo Cosmetics Blush & Highlight Kit Whats Mine is Mine: Review and Swatches

Before my sister was born I was the only girl in the family….so you can imagine how pampered and spoilt I was. Then this teeny tiny brat a.k.a my sister came along and from what’s mine is mine I suddenly came down to sharing is caring ๐Ÿ™

Like any other sibling, we too had a phase when she wanted everything I had…irrespective of the fact whether she would use it or not…we obviously fought…there were alot of arguments and loads and loads of crying. Thankfully we grew up and out of that phase, only to be reminded of it when the package came in from Vivo Cosmetics and we found this pretty blush palette inside…well….both of us wanted to use it first…we fought, argued…and then ended up having a good laugh remembering the good old times :p.  This beautiful palette that we were fighting over is the Blush and Highlight Kit….What’s Mine Is Mine ( sounds like whoever named it was in a possessive mood :p)…and yes I won the fight and I used it first and I am going to review it today.

: ยฃ 5.99

The blush and highlighting kit comes in this palette like packaging with a transparent top. The packaging of these blushes somehow remind me of the blush by 3 palettes from Sleek. The quality of the packaging could use some improvement as it feels a little flimsy but it did stay intact when I carried it around.

The kit has 3 blushes in it….a cream based blush-Tease, a powder blush-Secret and a highlighter- Affair…..such catchy names don’t you think. Even though the textures are different, they are all peach blushes with pink undertones. 

Lets talk about Tease first…. 
Its the cream based blush in this palette and looks pretty waxy however when you apply it…it blends effortlessly. Its quite pigmented and a single swipe of this color is enough to get that beautiful color that you see in the palette on your cheeks.
Staying power is definitely the lowest for among the three but I don’t blame cream blushes for not lasting on me considering how oily skin is. It last for about 2 hours and then just fades away.

Secret is next and its definitely my favorite out of the three. No shimmer so its perfect for day use. It definitely lacks at the pigmentation front and you do have to work with it before the actual color shows up on but the color is soo pretty that it definitely worth the effort.Staying power is a little better than Tease and you can see the color for almost 3-4 hours.

Finally we come to Affair…..
This shade just like its name catches your attention in a jiffy. Again a peachy pink blush but its loaded with shimmer. It works well as a highlighter, a blush even  but you do have to a little careful as its very easy to mess up your look when you are working with such a strong color. Staying power again is around 3-4 hours….the color fades but you have an army of shimmer on your cheeks.
I do refrain from using Affair as blush because its just too shimmery for me but I love using this as an eye shadow (there is nothing like too much shimmer on the eyes, right?)

Here are the swatches

Overall, I do like the kit….the quality is decent, 2 out of the three shades are quite pigmented, staying power is average and the shades are soo pretty. The only issue is the availability and the flimsy packaging.

Have you tried this blush from Vivo?
Share your experience with me by commenting below ๐Ÿ™‚