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Vivo Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks in Wow Pink and Pucker Red: Review and Swatches

A few weeks back there some sort an marketing war going on between some UK based drugstore brands. Each one of them were out with new offers each and every day. When I did a background research about the these companies, I actually read a lot of good things about one particular brand and that was Vivo cosmetics. I decided to try this brand for myself and did a quick haul. You can read about what I got here.

By now you obviously know that I am a little absolutely crazy about lipsticks so obviously I got some from Vivo as well. I got two shades- Pucker Red and Wow Pink from their matte lipstick range. I have tried them for a couple of weeks now and now I am ready to share my views about them with you guys.

Price: ₤ 1.99 

The lipstick comes in a matte black tube with a silver rim. The tube is a little chunky in the middle which gives it a more bulging cylindrical shape. The packaging definitely tells you that its a inexpensive lipstick because I can see that the cap is a little flimsy

Although the lipsticks are supposed to be matte, they give a very glossy finish and even the texture is really creamy and moisturizing. I can understand companies confusing the name with the actual shade but I can’t wrap around my head as to how they confuse the finish. This is like the 3rd lipstick that I have tried in the past few months that were supposed to be matte but turned out to be the complete opposite. Nonetheless, I love how they feel super light on the lips and even with the creamy texture, do not bleed or feather.

The pigmentation is actually pretty good. They stay on me for like 3-4 hours without meals and even after they they fade very slowly. Once they fade, they leave a tint behind.  They also have this really nice vanilla scent that just lingers on for a few minutes when you apply the lipstick

Now that we have covered all the technical stuff, lets come to the fun part and talk about the shades that I got. Wild pink is a very bright matte blue toned pink and I love how it instantly brightens my face and my mood. Its definitely a risky color when it comes to the Indian skin tone as it would wash out some of the duskier skin tones. Pucker Red on the other hand, is like the perfect red that would look amazing on most skin tones. Instead of the usual orange or blue undertones, this one has a deep pink undertone to it.  It looks really dark in the bullet but once you swatch it, you have this beautiful raspberry red on your lips and you will instantly fall in love with it.

Here are the swatches

My final verdict is that they are definitely worth a try. I have tried lipsticks from Makeup Academy (MUA) as well and they fall in the same price range but I feel the quality of these Vivo lipsticks is much better than their MUA counterparts.Availability is an issue as for us in India as its only available online. 

Have you tried Vivo Cosmetics?
Tell me about favorite product from this brand by commenting below 🙂