VLCC Diamond Facial Kit: Review

I love pampering myself at home and home facials are my absolute favorite. I mean I do like going to the spa once in a while but there is nothing better than giving your skin some TLC sitting in the comfort of your home. The latest home facial kit I tried is the VLCC Diamond Facial Kit and considering that diamond facials are usually pretty expensive in spas and salons, this one looked like a bargain in comparison.

Price: Rs 350

The VLCC Diamond Facial Kit comes in a cardboard packaging which includes satchels that have products for the various facial steps. It also includes a pre-facial cleanser and toner along with a post facial moisturizer. The packaging comes with detailed picture based instructions to help use each of the products.

Pre-Facial Cleanser and Toner: The pre-facial cleanser and toner comes in a 10 gm pouch. The product directs you to moist your face and then massage the cleanser/toner to your skin in the motion described on the packing. The toner is pretty creamy and spreads across easily. I found it to be a little more oily than my usual cleanser but as this was supposed to be followed by an extensive facial routine, I wasn’t much worried.

Diamond Scrub: This scrub comes in a 10 gm pouch as well and has a clear gel like texture with tiny silver exfoliants.  The scrub turned put to be pretty creamy and is jojoba oil based so it left my skin a little greasy. The exfoliants look tiny but are quite powerful so it is better to use a light hand while working with this. I had hoped that after the cleanser, the scrub would remove the oily feeling from my skin but on the contrary I felt that my skin had this oily film on it so I had to put in a bit of an effort to remove the scrub completely.

Diamond Detox Lotion: The next step in the process was to use the detox lotion. This had a similar texture to the cleanser but I could see small silver particles in it. The lotion is supposed to help detoxify the skin and remove all the dirt and grim from the skin. I applied and massaged my skin with the lotion for a good 5 minutes and then removed it using a warm towel. This lotion was surprisingly not oily and left my skin feeling pretty clean and shiny.

Diamond Massage Gel: This was my favorite product in the whole kit. The massage gel is a clear gel with particles that do not feel harsh on the skin. After massaging my skin with the lotion, I was pretty vary if I needed to use the gel but I still did it and I am soo glad I did because after the massage my skin felt so soft and supple. The gel is Aloe-Vera based so it was perfect for my oily combination skin and gave really good results.

Diamond Wash Off Mask: The last step of the facial is the mask. The mask has a cream based texture so application is a piece of cake. I applied a thin layer of the mask to my face and let it dry of for a good 15-20 minutes post which I washed it off using cold water. The mask left my skin glowing and quite moisturized without leaving it greasy.

Post Facial Moisturizer: The post facial moisturizer comes in a small tube that has a seal you need to break to open the nozzle and access the product. I am usually not fond of using anything but my reliable moisturizer due to my moody skin type but this product worked well. It has a very light texture and gets absorbed really well.

While my skin felt a lot cleaner and better immediately after the use of the kit but my skin did break out in the next few days. Apart from the gel and the face pack, all other products did feel a little greasy for my oily-combination skin so I asked my mommy to try it and she did not face any issues post usage. Basically, the kit is not for oily or oily-combination skin but would work well for normal or normal-dry skin.

Another thing I do not like about the product is that most of the products come in packaging that are difficult to store while the quantity of each product is more than enough for atleast two uses.

Overall, the kit does what it claims and has all the products required for a nice little spa day at home. It is pretty affordable considering you can easily use it twice. I also love how the box has detailed instructions about not only the sequence in which the various products are supposed to be used but also the picture based tutorials about direction of application is quite useful. If your skin type is normal or slightly dry and you are looking for products for a home facial then this kit is definitely a good option.