VLCC Indian Berberry Face Scrub: Review

Scrubs are my skin’s best friend as I have combination skin which is quite to prone to acne and blackheads which means I have to ensure I do my scrubbing regularly. So when I went to do a mini haul from VLCC, I decided to try the VLCC Indian Berberry Face Scrub
Price: Rs 215 for 80 gms
The product comes in a flexible white tube with a flip top cap. I obviously like how convenient and hygienic the packaging is and its pretty sturdy as I have been carrying I around and haven’t faced any mishaps in my bag.

The scrub itself has a thick creamy texture. Its a little too thick so you have add a little bit of water or wet your face to spread it. I was a little surprised with the fragrance because in my knowledge berberry doesn’t really have a very  pleasant fragrance but this product smells like banana to me and I love bananas so I was happy bear.
The granules in the scrub are moderately abrasive so even of you have sensitive skin, I don’t think you should face any issues. It leaves my skin pretty clean however I think it leaves it too moisturised because I see the oily parts of my face looking a little more greasy than I would have liked. This obviously means that if you have oily skin then you might need to skip this one.
Texture after adding few drops of water
Another issue that I have with scrub is that because of the texture, I have to use alot more product than I usually do with other scrubs. Usually an 80 gms tube lasts for around three months but this scrub, I had an empty tube within one and half months 🙁
Overall, I think its a decent product that delivers what it claims except that its not meant for all skin types. Its a good option if you have normal to dry skin but I wouldn’t really recommend this for oily and combination skin. 
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