VLCC Mulberry and Rose Fairness Face Wash: Review

I can’t believe it’s almost the middle of 2017 and the last time I reviewed a product from VLCC was last year.  VLCC is definitely one of the few brands that I find myself going back to very often and this time I raided their shelf for a new face wash and after reading like a zillion labels, I finally zeroed onto the VLCC Mulberry and Rose Fairness Face Wash.

Price: Rs 150 for 150 ml

The VLCC Mulberry and Rose Fairness Face Wash comes in pink clear squeezy tube with flip top cap. I do find the packaging convenient in the sense that I can see the amount of product left and the squeezy tube makes it easy to get the product out but the tube in general is pretty huge and bulky so carrying it around is a bit of a task.

The face wash is a pink liquid with gel like texture. It has a citrusy fragrance that is very pleasing but vanishes soon after you have washed your face. The face wash is a bit runny so I was expecting lots of lather but was kind of disappointed. The product has a very faint lather which is just enough to use a pea size quantity to wash the whole face.

In terms of my experience with the face wash well I would have to say I am not a happy customer. The product does leave my skin clean but after every use, I feel there is a layer of product left on my skin which is something every girl with an oily skin would agree, is a big no-no. Apart from that, I like my face washes to have a lot of lather which is something that is absent in this product.

Also, not that I expected anything out of the fairness claim but the face wash doesn’t do anything to clear your complexion. My skin just felt clean and soft but I did not even see any kind of brightness or reduction in pigmentation, not even tanning so I am not sure as to what the company is claiming when it talks about a fairer skin.

Overall, I have to say that my expectations were not met with this product. The face wash cleans up my face but that is all it does and with a combination oily skin, the skin care products have to be ninjas and not nerds. It would work for normal or sensitive skin but I wouldn’t recommend picking this up if you have any other skin type.