VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Care Kit: Review

My hands and feet are the most ignored part and as a beauty blogger I am not proud of not taking care of them as these are body parts that go dry in a blink of an eye and show first signs of ageing. With a full-time job, running a blog and a loving husband who wants to spend every minute of the day with me when he is back home, I have no time to go to a salon for a long session of manicure/pedicure so I decided to find a way around it and that is when the VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Care Kit came into the picture. I have used the kit for a couple of weeks now so I am going to tell you all about it today.

Price: Rs 480

The VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Kit comes in a plastic packaging that has tubes of cleanser, a scrub, a cream, a foot/hand pack and a bottle of cuticle oil. The tubes are identical but the labels are pretty visible so I am not fussing over same packaging. Everything in the kit has pretty sturdy packaging and quite travel friendly.

The packaging has details of all the products and the way to use them along with the sequence you are supposed to use them in. Unfortunately I was not satisfied with sequence and followed the way I have always got mani-pedi done.

PediGlow Foot Cleanser: The cleanser is an orange liquid with a gel like consistency. The cleanser smells citrusy but thankfully the fragrance is not overwhelming. I love my cleansers to be a little foamy but that is not the case with this cleanser so I was a little disappointed. The cleanser does clean up my hands and feet softening them for the next steps.

PediGlow Hand & Foot Scrub: The scrub was supposed to be the third step in the manicure-pedicure process but I followed up cleansing with scrubbing to open up the pores and get rid of all the dry skin before I moved on with the process. The scrub is an off-white product with a creamy texture and tiny exfoliating granules. The scrub has a citrusy fragrance as well and is pretty creamy so you do not need to much of it. I did find the scrub to be a little harsh for my hands but it proved to be perfect for the feet and got rid of all the dead skin.

Myrrh Cuticle Oil: Applying cuticle oil was mentioned as the second step in the process described on the packaging but I did not see the point of moisturizing the cuticles only to scrub it off. The packaging is very user-friendly and comes with an applicator that makes applying the oil a very easy and non messy task. I massaged the oil into my cuticles for a good 5 minutes and after letting my stubborn cuticles soak the oil for a few more minutes, I trim my cuticles a little and hangnails. The cuticle oil is not the best oil I have used but it does the job of helping me get rid of the pesky cuticles and hangnails

Orange Anti-Tan Pack: The anti-tan pack was one product was hoping and praying would work because after surviving on flats most part of the year, my feet are soo tanned that they do look like a part of my body. The pack is pretty creamy and spreads easily. I like applying an even layer of the pack on my hand and feet, let it dry and then scrub it off. The pack doesn’t give you instant results but I have noticed a little bit of change after using this kit on a regular basis.

Cocoa Butter Hand & Foot Cream: I love the fragrance of the cream and its light texture as nothing annoys me more than heavy hand or foot creams. The cream gets absorbed into the skin without leaving behind that oily feeling some creams I used do and my hands and feet definitely feel softer.

My overall experience with the kit has been pretty good and it just helps me to maintain my hands & feet a little better. It does deliver what it claims and for the price that the kit retails at, the quality and the quantity is quite decent. I like how convenient using this kit is and that it has everything I need.