VLCC Sweat Free Sunblock Lotion SPF 40/PA+++: Review

Heylo Girls 🙂
How is the monsoon treating you? The Delhi  monsoon is busy playing hide and seek with us. Some days are   are soo amazing that you just want to roam around aimlessly and enjoy it and some days are soo annoying that you just want to carry the air conditioner wherever you go. So on one of the bad days when I saw that a VLCC was claiming to have come up with a sweat free sunblock lotion that to with SPF 40…I knew I had to put their claim to test and well I wouldn’t really mind getting rid of the constant humid-sweaty feeling 😉
Price: Rs 325 for 100 gms.
What the company claims:
” VLCC Sweat Free Sunblock Lotion SPF 40 /PA+++ provides Broad Spectrum Sun Protection against both UVA and UVB rays of the sun.  A unique “sweat free” formulation that protects the skin against sun damage thus preventing tanning and ageing. Enriched with comfrey plant extract, its anti-irritant properties protect the skin against irritation and redness while the non – greasy formula lends a satin-smooth feel to the skin.  For all skin types. ” 

The sunblock lotion comes in a tube with a flip open cap. The cap is tight enough so no issues carrying this tube around. Though thanks to opaque packaging, there is no way to know how much product is left. 

The product has a very thick creamy consistency which absolutely contradicts the word ” lotion” . It has a mild citric fragrance which vanishes after a few minutes of application.
My experience with this product has been disappointing. Even though it blends easily, it still leaves my skin feeling very heavy. It does not live up to the claim of keeping the skin sweat free and non greasy as there is instant sweating when I apply it and my skin feels really oil. I think this product would suit people with dry skin better than someone like me who has combination-oily skin.
The biggest problem that I have with this sunblock lotion is that even after 15- 20 minutes of application, I can feel my skin sweating making it impossible for me to wear any makeup over this. I even feel very uncomfortable wearing it on my hands because it causes so much sweating

The only good thing that I have to say about it, is that usually when you use sunblocks or sunscreens with such high SPF, it usually leaves behind a whitish cast which  surprisingly is not the case with this product- no whitish cast here at all.
See no whitish cast
Lets take quick peek at the Yay-Nay list
  • Clean and user friendly packaging
  • SPF 40
  • No whitish cast
  • The packaging is opaque so there is no way to see how much product is left.
  • Doesn’t live up to the claim of being non greasy.
  • Doesn’t live up to the claim of being sweat free…skin sweats even after 20 minutes of application.
  • Feels heavy on the skin.
  • Too heavy for oily skin
Skip this if you have oily skin like me. Dry skinned girlies out their might find it useful but I have my doubts because of the heavy sweating it causes. Definitely not something I will recommend anybody.
Have you tried the VLCC Sweat Free Sunblock Lotion?
What was your experience?
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