Website Review: Baggout

Every time I see somebody wearing an interesting accessory or a really cute dress, maybe a killer pair of heels, or carrying a really smart bag….I get this urge to ask them where they got it from , the price and a zillion other questions.
I am sure you guys also have this urge too…but while my friend being the sweetheart they are patient enough to share all the details with me, getting these details out is not always an easy task for every one. I am guessing that the the people behind the website Baggout understood this situation and that is why they came out with this really interesting idea of creating a social shopping domain wherein the users can browse/buy from a curated list of products based on what their friends and other users are liking and buying

Baggout is the brain child of Deepak Jain and Prashant Mahajan. They launched the website earlier this year and have received a tremendous response in the span of a couple of months and the website currently has over 10,000 fans on Facebook.

Coming to the website, the first thing that I noticed about it was was how user friendly it is and you can navigate it without any issues. The interface kind of reminds me of Pinterest…you click on the tab of the product and it expands, and then you can the like it, comment on it or buy it.
There are two broad options available to the user for browsing Baggout’s product collection

  • Trending – This stream showcases the products which are most liked by Baggout’s users; in addition, there are options to view these products category wise. Currently, there are six categories which are available namely Men, Women, Home, Kids, Gadgets and Books
  • Friends’ Feed (My Stream) – This stream showcases the products which have been liked and bought by the user’s friends and their connections.

When you click the buy option it redirects you to the e-commerce website the product is available on. If you like something but don’t want to buy it immediately, click like and it will get saved onto your profile so that you can revisit it later…piece of cake isn’t it 🙂 

Another good thing about the website is that all the products that are listed on it have been posted by some real user after they have purchased the same from an online store. So by using the comment option, you can get a feedback about the product from the people who have already bought it before you decide to buy it.

In order to use this website, all you need is a Facebook account. Just like alot of you, I was a little hesitant to register using Facebook because I did not want my wall to get flooded with random advertisement but nothing of that sort happened so its safe to say that this website respects your privacy.

The only issue I faced with website is that they need to work a little more on expanding and arranging the categories. But all in all, I think the idea behind the website is definitely innovative and unique. Its soo simple to move around the site that you will find yourself spending hours on it. And even though it does look like Pinterest,  I think it much better than that because you can actually buy the product instead of just drooling over it. 

Check out the website for yourself here and do let me know how you like it 🙂