Website Review: Khoobsurati.com

So considering the number of website reviews I do, you can imagine the kind of online shopping addict I am. I love discovering new websites and trying them to assess their service you know so that in case you have a online shopping emergency and your favorite websites can’t deliver you have a backup :p. Plus there is always that chance of discovering some amazing website that might even force you to switch from your favorite ones.
So while surfing randomly looking for this makeup remover that was out of stock everywhere, I stumbled upon Khoobsurati.com. I did a little haul from this website recently and today I am going to talk about it.

The reason I decided to review Khoobsurati.com is that its not just a website catering to makeup and skin care products.  They also have a fashion section that offers bags, clothing, footwear and accessories. I know we have other websites offering that as well but for an upcoming website like Khoobsurati to offer such variety was a pleasant surprise.

I am very happy with layout of the website. I hate multiple scroll downs because the moment your mouse moves even a little bit you loose the category you wanted to go into. Khoobsurati.com did save me that hassle. They have a very easy to navigate their layout and even though they have the drop downs as well, the drop downs are not super sensitive and don’t vanish. To make matters more convenient, they have a big and very responsive search bar right on the top of the page 
After scrolling through each section and being totally confused with what to pick and what not to pick, I decided to pick some makeup ( ya well…predictable). I did see some really great footwear and bags on the website but if I had bought one more pair of shoes or a new bag, my mom would have thrown me out the house so makeup it was :p
There are two very big positives about this website. First, the offer free shipping on purchases above Rs 450 which is not something you find on most websites these days. Everyone atleast wants an order worth 1000 bucks to give you free shipping. Secondly, my order reached me the next day itself. The last time I had such a speedy deliver without any extra charges was almost two years back when Jabong had just launched.

Lets take a look at my haul.

I love how the whole package and each is secured to ensure that there is no damage. This was definitely a major concern as alot of website in order to deliver the products faster overlook the quality of the packaging. 
The only issue I faced with website is that even though you reach the sections you want to visit very easily, selecting products especially in the beauty section is a little tough because they have not grouped products under and instead each variant of a product is given separately. For example, if a lipstick has 5 shades, each shade has been shown as a different product so it gets kind of tiresome to look for the shade you want. I would have preferred if they had just shown the product as one single item and given an option to select the shades at one place. Also, the stock is a little limited.
Overall, I had a pleasant experience with the website and I hope they would work on the navigation issues and their stock availability.  I do plan to shop form them again, maybe pick something up from the footwear and the accessories section.
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