Website Review: The Luxe Café

A while back luxury and big brands was something associated with certain people and places. By people I mean “The Rich and the Famous” and by places I mean metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. This thought process is no longer true as for the lack of better word “ordinary” people and from different parts of India…big or small…are going more and more brand conscious and they want to know what exactly in the world of luxury. 
Now even though you come across these luxuries quite easily these days what is missing is the information and expertise required to help you decide what’s hot and what’s not. But I guess that won’t be an issue anymore as today I am going to talk about this amazing website I came across called The Luxe Café .

The Luxe Café is a b2c ( business to consumer) platform that brings to you fresh stories and features on global luxury and fine living straight from industry experts. This virtual salon aims to provide first hand, authentic information and advice on premium brands to help you make informed choices when it comes to luxury. From travel to exotic destinations and luxury experiences to fine fashion choices and gastronomy, you will find a wide variety of stories, experiences, interviews chronicled in this new platform! Doesn’t the website sound amazing??

Manisha Mayur Shekhar, ex-journalist and luxury marketing expert identified the need of bringing India’s growing numbers of brand-conscious buyers and luxury-enthusiasts in touch with all that is happening, that is new and that comes straight through the experts from the world of luxury and incorporated all this to create The Luxe Café.   The Luxe Café features an extensive range of content from Fashion, Interiors, Auto, Real Estate, Travel, Gastronomy, Personas and Ideas, aspiring to recreate a cosmos of luxurious living for the truly passionate

The first thing that caught my attention while reading the about us section of the website was the fact that the website was particularly interested in taking itself closer to the discerning clientele across India, even to those residing in tier 2&3 towns and cities. The logic behind this effort was that they felt India was witnessing this never before seen growth in the luxury industry, and there was a huge and important consumer base of brand conscious, high spending aesthetes residing in the non-metro cities. Most luxury based website don’t really target small cities so I am pretty impressed to see that this website decided to not follow the crowd and do something different 🙂

I  like how clean the website is and how simple it is to navigate through all the categories. There is clear categorisation of the different sections right on the top which makes browsing a piece of cake. Out of the six sections that the website is divided into, I was hooked to three- Fashion, Travel and Home & Style.

The fashion section gave me some interesting insight into everything from how to dress like a princess to expert opinion by fashion wizard JJ Vallaya ( who by the way one of the experts on the panel of the Luxe Café ) on selecting the right bridal wear. I found some interesting tips on selecting art for home in the Home & Style section and was left completely mesmerised and in  need of some serious vacation time after checking out the Travel category. 

And my reaction is not really surprising considering the fact that eminent personalities like HH Maharaja Gaj Singh, Rosita Missoni – Founder of the Italian fashion house Missoni, Malav Shroff – Boating Tycoon, Dinaz Madhukar – President of DLF Emporio, Riccardo Bestetti – creator of bespoken Italian Men’s shoes are few of the famous aesthetes of the Luxe Café .

Its definitely one of a kind website and in case like me you appreciate the the fine things in life, I would suggest a quick visit to The Luxe Café.

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