Website Review: ShalinIndia.in

Post my wedding and as a new bride in a traditional family, I ended up re-discovering my love for ethnic wear. I have always been more like of jeans and t-shirt kind of a girl but the family gatherings, dinners and other weddings in the family pushed me to look beyond my favorite pair of jeans to maybe something like a beautiful anarkali or a traditional saree and even some gorgeous dupattas. The problem in this whole equation is the fact that between a demanding job, a new household and social commitments, I was honestly left with no time to go out and shop. As always, internet came to the rescue and during one such “I need an outfit for the next occasion” web surfing session, I landed on to ShalinIndia.in


ShalinIndia was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing its customers with the latest and the most authentic products available from India. The website has a global and offers one of the most comprehensive lines of cultural Indian products as well as a complete range of apparel, jewellery and home décor.

The website definitely has an easy, clean and navigable layout. Everything is categorised systematically in a side bar so finding what you are looking for is matter of seconds. To counter situations where you are not sure under which category the product you are looking for will fall, there is a big search bar right at the top of the site. When you scroll down, you are greeted with some of the best-sellers of each category and their details which does help in adding some good stuff to your cart without scrolling too much.


Coming to the products and the categories, well the products are divided into ten different sections namely- Apparels, Jewelry, Home & Kitchen, Health & Personal Care, Musical Instruments, Sculptures, Shoes & Handbags, Toys & Games, Religion and the interesting section of Festivals Of India. Each of these sections have been further divided into multiple sub-categories that make navigation a simple task. I don’t have to apply a zillion filters to reach where I want because the website already does that for me.





Even though I had landed on the page looking for something traditional to wear, I just couldn’t myself from adding a few things from the other sections as well particularly the jewellery section. They have such a beautiful collection of traditional silver jewellery that I had to contain myself on numerous occasions and remind myself that my wallet is already under a lot of pressure thanks to my previous hauls.


A you know, a girl can never have enough bags so obviously I had to look at the Bags and Shoes section and there are some really cute tote bags and shopping bags available on the website. The best part is that most of them are made of natural products like cotton and jute so they are re-usable and recyclable.


Another section that caught my attention was the Festivals of India category. The website has very smartly bought together everything related to the major festivals in India which is such a life saver when you are in a hurry. For me, online shopping is a synonym for convenience and this website just redefined that. For example, you want to buy something for Rakshabandhan that can vary from looking for an outfit or a gift for your sister or brother which would usually mean scrolling in at least 3-4 section but here you have everything under one category so just go to the website, click on the festival and shop away.


Shipping is always a major concern and aspect of any online shopping experience. The website currently offers free delivery on all orders above $35. All orders are shipped within 1-2 days and delivered in 3-5 days from shipping. They also give you the option to gift wrap the product you bought and get it shipped to your loved ones door-step so no more running from one courier service to another to get something delivered to your relatives on occasions like Rakhi, Navratri or Diwali. Also, the website offers two ways to make payments – Paypal or Credit Card.

Overall, I really liked the website and I am so glad that there are platforms online like ShalinIndia that are bringing authentic and traditional Indian products to our doorstep at the click of a mouse. I have had a good experience with the website and would definitely recommend you to take a peek the next time you are looking for something ethnic for you or your loved ones.