Wedding Diaries

Wedding Series: 2 Months To Go!!!!

I start every post of this series saying how I cannot believe this many days are left but for a change, this time I feel the time has just stopped. I guess I am just too excited to get married now so I am loosing my patience and every time I check my countdown, I feel disappointed looking at the double digit figures of the number of days left 🙁


I was so worried about the list of things for me to get done that I slogged my ass off the past few weeks and finally got a lot of important stuff checked on my to do list 🙂

  • Wedding Invites: Getting this done was a priority for the past few months and we finally decided on a card. I had went into wedding invite shopping to the famous Chawri Bazaar Market with my own set of ideas but finally zeroed on something that was completely opposite of what I wanted initially but nevertheless it is a beautiful invite and I cannot wait to share it with you. A piece of advice if you are  going to Chawri Bazaar for your cards, go early and do not ignore the  small shops inside the lanes. They end up showing you some pretty awesome designs and at half the price of what the shops on the main road are charging.
  • Favors with the invite: Deciding on the favors that would go with the invite ended up becoming this huge argument between me and my parents because they wanted to go the traditional way while I wanted something different to go with the beautiful invite I had selected. Finally we struck a deal and agreed on mixing different kinds of favors and creating a cute little box. The survey has been done, the boxes have been shortlisted and we have already placed the orders for the things that will go inside.
  • The Makeup Trousseau: I basically negotiated with my sister and we decided to share our stuff so the long list of things I needed came down to like a few essentials. All I need to buy now is a heavy and a light coverage foundation and some lipsticks. The reason I am waiting to buy them is because its still October plus I know there will be some good sales on Nykaa and other online portals around Diwali and that is when the big haul will happen 😀
  • Chooda Shopping: If you are a north Indian, you would know that punjabi brides wear these super pretty bangles called chooda post their wedding. I am not a Punjabi but the boy is  so I have to wear it. Now these have to worn for months without being removed so I knew I did not want anything over the top or blingy but finding a chooda that matched the specifications I just listed down was definitely not easy because punjabi’s are all about bling and so are the choodas :p . I did a quick survey in Karol Bagh, Chawri Bazaar and Tilak Nagar and finally picked one from a shop in Tilak Nagar. I know people spend a bomb on these bangles but I did not want to do that as I don’t plan to wear them for more than 3 months so it doesn’t make sense spending the big bucks. A few tips to keep in mind if you are a not a punjabi and have no clue about what to look for when you go buy your chooda:
    • Do not get fooled if a shopkeeper asks you for an exorbitant price because the choodas are made of hathi daanth or ivory. Using ivory is banned in India and they say that to charge a hefty sum.
    • Between plastic and acrylic, try to go for the ones made of acrylic as they are better in quality and more sturdy.
    • I know fading of color is a big concern with a lot of brides so try and buy a chooda that is completely red instead of the one that are white on one side. A lot of my friends had suggested it and this little tip was reiterated by a very sweet shopkeeper in Chawri Bazaar as well.
    • If you do not want to wear the full set, you can get the shopkeeper to negotiate the price for half of it.
    • Most shopkeepers are willing to mix and match stuff in the chooda so if you do not like something like the blingy bangles that come with it, you can ask them to get rid of it or exchange them for the ones you like in some other set.
  • Bachelorette Party and Outfit: So I am indeed getting a bachelorette and my sister is organizing the same. I do not have the details yet and I kind of like it  that way because I am a sucker for surprises but I was told I need to pack my bags for a day  so like a good bride I went for a little shopping. I bought the cutest day dress and this amazing gown for the evening from Forever New that I just wait to wear.

Sadly there are still alot of things I need to get done

  • Getting stuffed stitched: Half my weekends go in visiting the tailors. I am still trying to get everything I need to get stitched out to the tailors but thanks to all the festivals that are lined up almost up to a week before my wedding, things are getting delayed 🙁
  • Mehendi Artist: This has been on the to do list for like almost 5 months and I am still unable to locate a reliable guy. I have now assigned this task to my trusted sister in law and hopefully by the time I write the next post, this item would have moved to the already done list…fingers crossed 🙂
  • Wedding Jewellery: I plan to get this done the coming weekend because like my dad likes to say “I need to close” the wedding outfit shopping like right now. I know a few shops in Chandni Chowk that have stunning bridal jewellery and the original gold set I plan to wear is a very traditional sort of a set so I don’t think I will face a lot of issues in finding a match.
  • Wedding Shoes: I have shortlisted two pairs…one form Inc 5 and the other one is like a super high end brand. I am so confused which one should I buy because there are days when I feel like buying the “I am going to make a major difference in your bank account” pair, moments when I reason out that I should not splurge on something that might not even show under my wedding outfit and some days are just crazy as I feel like buying both the pairs :p. What do you say…splurge or no splurge on shoes?
  • Kalire: I saw these really cute lotan kalire on wedmegood and since the day I saw them I have been trying to locate them for my big day. Sadly, haven’t had much luck in finding them in any of the markets I have visited so far so I am not really sure if I will be able to find them in Delhi 🙁 .
                    Can somebody find these for me?
  • Shakha Pola: The white and red bangles you see in the first picture of this post are called Shakha and Pola and these are like the bengali equivalents of chooda. I don’t plan to wear them forever either but I do want something unique. The common ones are too simple and look really cheap and the alternatives available with jewelers have gold accents to them so they are super expensive so the search is on.
  • Decor for Mehendi: I plan to have this day mehendi at home and even though it is a small affair, I want it to be really special with some cute decor so I have been spending hours on Pinterest looking at anything I can replicate. The problem is that I want something memorable but the space available with me is really small and I don’t want something too extravagant in terms of material required. Ideas are welcome 🙂
  • Getting visa for our honeymoon: This had completely skipped my mind until a friend reminded me. Thankfully the place we are visiting is not fussy in giving visas so I will get on top of this once my hubby-to-be is back from the sea

I had started the post on such a confident note but I am getting a little anxious looking at the list of things I need to get done and feeling a tad bit thankful that I still have a little time left :p . On a good note though, I had my first pre bridal session this weekend and boy it was a welcome respite from all the running around. I spent the first half of my Sunday in the spa and enjoyed every bit of it….super glad I booked the service because honestly if going to a spa would have been left to me, I would have put it off because of one commitment or the other.