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Wedding Series: 8 Months to Go!!!!

So I am getting married exactly 8 months from now and even though I am excited, some days I am soo nervous or annoyed with all the arrangements that I feel like packing my bags and running away :p. To maintain the little sanity that is left and hopefully keeping a check on what has been handled and whats needs my attention, I am going to document stuff here plus maintaining a regular wedding series post might even push me to get more stuff done. 
So let the countdown begin….244 days to go.
Things that have already been handled:

  • Venue : We have finally booked one but I did throw a big big tantrum over this because I fell in love with a venue  which Mr Fiancée rejected on the grounds that it was right on the main road and the “baraat”wouldn’t be comfortable dancing by the busy lane. First, that is lamest excuse I have heard considering every year I am stuck in traffic for hours because the baraatis who are supposedly not comfortable dancing on the main road dance right in the middle of the main road. Secondly, I am bong and we don’t really have the baraat system in our wedding so this reason sounded even more lame to me. Anyhow, we heard the fiancée on this one and now even I am happy with the venue we have finalised…it has a beautiful ground which I love as well a very spacious hall attached to it and yes the groom and his baraatis have enough space to dance till they drop 😛   
  • Makeup Artist: This was one thing I was really concerned about and I addressed it right away. I had a few options in mind and thankfully didn’t really have to struggle alot with the dates or trials because I went to the MUAs so early. Ladies out there…if you are getting married in wedding heavy months like November-December….get your MUAs sorted early….its was just March when I made my booking and their end of the year calender had already started looking crowded. 
One of my trials….I know the lipstick on half  of the lip looks funny but don’t laugh…OK  
  • Wedding Saree: As it’s a bengali wedding, I will be wearing a saree. However, the issue here was that bong brides usually wear a red benarasi saree and I hate benarasi sarees. But because its an inter caste wedding, I am getting a little leeway and have been given the freedom to get my saree customised. I am already discussing this with a designer and might even have some updates on it this weekend. Hopefully, the designer will be able to create my vision…fingers crossed.
  • The Groom’s Outfit: Well the groom is a sailor and will be spending the most part of the time before the wedding away from home plus the fact that sailor boy is as much of a groomzilla as I am doesn’t help so we obviously had start looking at options for him. We have already shortlisted a couple of designs and things will get definitely get finalised before he leaves.
  • Honeymoon Destination: After alot of confusion and fights and more fights we have finally shortlisted where we want to go and the dates.
  • Wedding Photographer: While I am pretty much sorted at the candid front (yup……..Clickaholics I am looking at you :p), finding a good normal photographer was a big challenge. We did hire somebody for our engagement and ended up with a video that had hearts flying, clips of Honey Singh crashing in the middle of my sister’s performance…basically it was a disaster so we had to look for somebody else. We have shortlisted two and have to make the final call which will again be in a few days. 
Things that need to get handled:
  • Panditji….finding a good punctual pundit is a big task 
  • My wedding jewellery
  • Decorator and decoration for the wedding
  • Wedding Cards
  • Guest List….we have tentative one but we need to finalise it
  • Trousseau….I have bought a couple of sarees and suits but need to start doing this properly
  • Chooda and kalire….I have to wear the chooda for atleast a couple of months so I want to get some decent ones and kalires are something I have always loved and I have been waiting to shop for them for as long as I can remember 😀
  • Makeup Trousseau shopping….my sister has clearly told me that I am not allowed to take any of the makeup we have so I have to buy everything I need from scratch….thanks sis….just what I needed…another expense on my pocket 🙁
  • Honeymoon trousseau :p
  • Deciding whether we should have a cocktail/youngsters kind of a thing….basically its something I want while my dearest fiancée who by the way doesn’t even drink is not really interested in 🙁
  • To go for a bachelorette trip….I don’t really have the money or the vacation time for it but I soo wanna do this * starts checking her bank statement for some extra cash*
  • Mehendi artist….the good ones are soo expensive 🙁
  • Outfits for mehendi, haldi and the cocktail ( if we decide to have it *looking at Mr fiancée with puppy eyes* )
  • Fitness regime….honeymoon is at a beach destination….and well we can say I am light years away from what is referred to as a beach body 🙁
  • Beauty regime….at this point of time my skin and hair are in a very bad shape so I have to really take skin and hair care seriously
Pheww….this is the list for now. I think I have covered everything that is pending however any of you out there see that I am missing something then do point it out. Hopefully by the next post I will have a lot of stuff from the need to get handled list into the handled list….wish me luck 🙂