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Wedding Series: The Engagement

So I am finally kick starting my wedding series with details of my engagement ceremony exactly a month after it happened :D. This was the first major function and even though we had almost 6 months to prepare for it, all the major preparations and running around happened around December and January. We had decided to combine three ceremonies in one – a bengali aashirwad ceremony, a punjabi sagan and again a punjabi style engagement and yes it turned out be a crazy idea.
For my non bengali readers, in the aashirwad ceremony the bride’s parents and close relatives go over to the groom’s house and give him their blessings (aashirwad) with clothes and gifts. The same is done by the groom’s family. Usually the groom / bride do not accompany the family on these occasions but as we had combined it with the other ceremonies that required my presence and then thanks to my cool grandfather , I was allowed to attend the function. Sagan is similar to aashirwad , elders bless the bride and groom and give them gifts and well engagement is simple exchanging of rings. Now even though these ceremonies sound similar, doing all of them in a given mahurat (auspicious time bracket) was a task and my poor mother was running around like a headless chicken. 

Anyhow, now to the more important things…first my outfit. There were a couple of things I was pretty clear about before I went looking for my dress: 
  • One, it had to be an Indian outfit  because we bongs usually wear a saree for the aashirwad ceremony but I didn’t plan to wear one so atleast the outfit had to be Indian…so no gowns. 
  • Two, no run of the mill blingy lehengas for me. I had no intention of looking like neon sign on my engagement
  • and Finally…no burning a big whole in my fiancee’s pocket for a outfit that wouldn’t see the day of light until maybe my sister or sister in laws wedding :p 
I know girls go crazy over finding the right outfit for their function and with my list of specifications, I was prepared to visit every bylanes of Chandni Chowk, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar and all the other Delhi markets famous for bridal wear however I ended up finding my outfit after just looking around for 2 days and from a Meena Bazaar outlet. Yup…even I was shocked but this outfit was too pretty to be left behind after I tried it plus no alteration required…it fitted me like a glove so I decided to take this beauty home with me :D. While my in laws were a little worried that the outfit was a little too simple considering I was the bride, I was in love with everything about it and it was exactly what I wanted….something sober, elegant and completely different from anything I had seen people wearing. I was in love with the beige/golden color, the mirror work on the jacket, the slight work on the lehenga and don’t even get me started about the ghera…I kept twirling around the moment I wore it.  

The next thing was finding a makeup artist.I wanted to hire a certain makeup artist and booked her the moment my engagement date was fixed but she gave me a call around December informing me that she had been offered a bigger assignment and would not be able to do my makeup. So I was left to look for a new MUA  two months before my engagement for a date on which almost half the Delhi was getting married. That’s when Sonia came to my rescue. Sonia is a freelance makeup artist with around 5 years of experience and has worked with some big projects in Bollywood including Hasee Toh Phasee. I was a little hesitant about her work at first (yes I have a tendency to doubt everything) but after having a long chat with her and an hour long trial, I was completely sure that I was in good hands. She did such an amazing job on the final day and I am absolutely in love with the way I look.

Next thing was finalizing a photographer. I had no plans of having an album that had me and my fiancée infront of a fake castle or a hut or whatever it is that the normal wedding photographers use as background these days so I trusted my friends at Clickaholicks with this task and needless to say they did a splendid job. The pictures you see in this post have all been clicked by the talented twosome Urshita and Mayank. 

They also helped us to add some fun elements to this function. Sailor boy and me wanted to add our own touch to the otherwise tradition ceremony so we created a small save the date invite for all our relatives using pictures from pre engagement photo shoot we did. We also used our own picture and made a poster out of it to be used instead of the boring “Groom Name” and  “Bride Name” notice thing you see outside venues. We also decided to have a small guest book kind of setup near the entrance with our picture, some handmade paper windmills (thanks Urshita for the fantastic idea) , colorful paper and bottles for our guest to leave us messages 🙂 

Our Save The Date

This is the picture we used as poster 

Our guestbook table

The picture on the guestbook table

Some of the fun shots from the pre engagement shoot

Game over 😉

Our simple yet absolutely delicious cake 😀

The highlight of the evening was definitely the performances. Now the boy’s side can’t resist tapping their foot when the music starts playing ( basically they can’t help being punjabi’s :p) but dancing and performing as such isn’t really something my family usually participates in so the biggest surprise was a group performance by the sailor boy, our friends and all our cousins which included a dabangg style belt movement and naagin dance  ( imagine me sitting with hands covering my mouth and face filled with shock :p). After I got over the shock of this well executed surprise, I performed on the punjabi song Soch (this was a surprise solo performance of my own for the boy) and me and the boy performed on a medley of Raabta and Awae Awae. Another cool performance of the evening was my sister and her friends dancing on a medley of Oonchi Hai Building ( wearing aviators ), Desi Girl and Londom Thumakda and it was definitely a big deal for me because my sister runs for her life at the mention of the word “Dance” 🙂 

To be honest, I don’t even know when the evening ended. One moment I am entering the venue and shouting on the venue manager because I could still see the dull white rug on the stage instead of the red one I had chosen ( yes yes…unashamed bridezilla :p) and in the next moment I am saying goodbye to my sailor boy fiancée and getting into the car to go home. Thankfully we have pictures and now when I look at the them I am like “oh ya that happened“….”oh yes this was soo hilarious” and lots of “oh my god why I am making that face” .
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