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Wedding Series: Mehendi

Mehendi was one function in the whole wedding that I insisted on and my parents did not reallly understand why I was making such a big deal out of it. The thing is that bengali brides usually wear aalta ( red liquid thingy you usually see on dancers ) but having spent most of my life in North India, I have always loved north indian traditions, I am crazy for  mehendi and well I was marrying a Punjabi guy so I knew my in-laws would have obviously freaked out if I had no mehendi on my hands :p.


For my outfit for the mehendi, I wanted something light so that I don’t have to worry about managing it while my hands are full like literally :p . I did a lot of recee, pinned a zillion outfits on Pinterest and talked to people at Ushnak Mal but I finally found what I wanted thanks to my bestie. Little miss N wore this beautiful lehenga on her cousin’s wedding that she got designed from a designer in Noida and after one look at it I knew I had to meet her for my Mehendi outfit. At her boutique, an ink blue lehenga caught my eye but as usual I wanted something brighter so I kept the design while changing the colors into some brighter shades.


I had also bought these cute earrings and matching maang tikka from Chandni Chowk to wear with my outfit but little Miss Entertainment who I mentioned in my last post (Sai Sandhya) got me hand made floral jewellery as a gift. It was an overwhelmingly sweet gesture and I am honestly blessed to have such loving people around and I obviously wasted not time in removing the jewellery I got to wear the beautiful floral jewellery she had made.



The day of mehendi turned out to be a little more hectic than I had anticipated. We had this small pooja in the morning which we thought would wrap up by 1 p.m. and then we had planned to have my final Ai Buro Bhaat ( last meal as a single girl) which was to be followed by my mehendi  so ideally everything was supposed to start by like 3 p.m. I kept the mehendi in the afternoon because I was getting married in the winters, evenings are really cold , the mehendi takes a long while to dry , friends had shared incredibly horrifying stories of how they shivered and sneezed all night because of mehendi so I wanted to save myself from all that and relax. As usual nothing went as planned and the pooja started late so it ended late, then I had guests to entertain so I couldn’t change for my Ai Buro Bhaat so that got pushed so my eventually my Mehendi began around 5 :(.



I have to say my love for mehendi got tested that day because oh my god it took forever to get it done and the mehendi artist shushed me even if I blinked. I had to finally tell him to just wrap it up quickly because I wanted to get up, get some pictures clicked and dance around flaunting my beautiful lehenga :p. I think he was equally annoyed with my cribbing, giggling and not listening to his ” Do Not Move” that he was pretty relieved when I told him I barely wanted any mehendi on my feet.

I can’t say the same for some of my relatives and friends who wanted me to get knee length designs but I did not want to have faded mehendi running down my leg when I wore all those cute dresses and shorts for my beach holiday so I said ” thank you but no thank you” and got a small peacock thing made on my foot and the whole designed barely even reached my ankle 🙂


One of the biggest concerns I had for the mehendi was the decor. I wanted to add a fun element to my mehendi by having this small photo booth section but the mehendi was going to happen at home and with all the relatives, we were a little short of space. Thankfully I have the sweetest sisters in the world who worked like crazy the whole week before the wedding to get everything in place on the d-day . To my surprise, the photo booth turned out to be even a bigger hit than I had anticipated so much so that even the most serious people I know were fighting over props to get themselves clicked. I am so thankful we were able to get the photo booth together because we had crazy fun with it and I have some cool pictures to look back at and smile.





The highlight of the evening however was the surprise visit by the groom. It was not a surprise for me per say because I kept dropping hints to my groom that I wanted to see him and that I was soo jealous that they had dhol walas at their mehendi function but my side of the family was definitely left  pretty shocked to say the least. The groom along with relatives and friends did drop by with a bunch dhol walas and I think we woke up almost everyone in my society as we danced away to glory almost till the midnight :p . It was just so much fun and it definitely did set the mood for the next day….my wedding day 🙂


Outfit/Makeup Details

Picture Credits: Clickaholicks

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