Wedding Diaries

Wedding Series: Sai Sandhya

This post is long pending considering the fact that I got married more than two months back so I am going to quickly start talking about the first function of my wedding week – Sai Sandhya.  This was a function thrown by the boy’s side of the family instead of the Mata ki Chowki thing Punjabi’s usually have.

Finding the right outfit for this function was definitely a task because me and my family had no clue how dressed you are supposed to be for such a function ( Trust me, anyone who is not a Punjabi but getting married to one will totally understand the dilemma :p ). This function was kind of organised on a last moment and between my work, trials, pre wedding shoots and pre bridal appointments, I barely had any time to survey the market for a suitable outfit so I just decided to look for something at Ushnak Mal because they were already designing my wedding saree.

Now Ushnak Mal is one heck of a shop if you are looking for something blingy and over the top kind of stuff for more important functions but they really did not have too many options when it came to something I thought would be appropriate for a pooja. Just when I was about to give up on finding anything in their showroom, they showed me two unstitched option for a suit. One was this gorgeous yellow fabric with really pretty embroidery on the neck and sleeves and the second one was this mauvish pink net fabric with very delicate embroidery on the whole fabric. Me being me decided to go for the yellow one but the usual “You are marrying a punjabi…Is this outfit heavy enough?” dilemma creeped in and I think we spent around an hour contemplating. Hilariously quite a few shoppers in the show room became really interested in the conversation and I can proudly say my outfit was finalized after a public poll :p.


Turned out, I was pretty thankful for the decision later because sailor boy and my mommy in law decided to wear yellow for the pooja and I was happy to have avoided the “matchy matchy” kind of look. To be honest, there were actually to many yellow outfits at the pooja and my mauve pink did stand out so all in all I was a happy trooper.


Now I am not a very religious person and have never understood the logic behind pooja/kirtans/chowkis etc. so I had expected it to be a pretty long evening. Thankfully, the temple in which the Sai Sandhya was hosted has some really cool rules that avoid the usual jazz associated with such events. The normal pooja and stuff was done within an hour and we were left with some time to have a nice dinner with some close family and friends.


The only thing I remember about the night is being super nervous because I was running late to the pooja and then trying to control myself from bursting into a fit of laughter in the middle of the aarti thanks to all the witty comments by our very own little Ms. Entertainment. I had to literally remind her that I am supposed to be this serious coy bride listening to the bhajan and not a 16 year old girl giggling away to glory.


I think the highlight of the night was that once we were done with the formal part of the evening, all my and boy’s near and dear ones sat over a cup of coffee and chit chatting till wee hours of the morning. It was one of the most relaxing things we had done in a while and well it was definitely the last relaxing thing we did till the wedding.

Outfit/Makeup Details:

  • My Outfit: Ushnak Mal, South Extension
  • My Jewellery: Different stores in Chandni Chowk
  • Makeup & Hair : Preeti’s Ada, Dwarka
  • Boy’s Outfit: Ushnak Mal, South Extension

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