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Wedding Series: The Wedding

I know I stretched the wedding series a little longer than I should have but I decided I wanted to put up the last post of my wedding series today because today I have been married for a good six months. For someone like me, who knew her husband for more than a decade monthly anniversaries should ideally not be a thing but trust me dating and being married are two completely different ball games. More on that later but for now read on to find out all about my big day.


The afternoon of the wedding day was kind of a blur for me. Being the eldest kid in my family, I always have the tendency to help manage stuff and well that translated to my wedding as well. After the chooda ceremony, I helped my mom with packing all the stuff she needed to carry to the venue while coordinating with my brothers to get all my stuff along with things my sister’s needed into the car that was going to take us to the makeup artist. I remember being on the phone with the makeup artist till the last second I had to leave and even after that shouting instructions to everyone else…yes till the last moment I was a total control freak or as people like to call a total bridezilla. It was only when my mom asked me to pray before I leave that I realized that these were my last moments in the house as a single girl and to be honest at that moment, the fact that everything will change in a few hours scared the hell out of me. The feeling did not last for too long because as soon as I texted my hubby-to-be that I was on my way….he sent me the sweetest reply and I just knew that even though my life was never going to the same again, I will always have him by my side as I face the changes.

My wedding day proved that hiring Anita from Plum Salon as my makeup artist was a great decision. We were obviously nervous plus to top it all we were late but she calmed us down in a matter of minutes and quickly assigned people to us who would assist us in getting ready. I had already taken a trial with Anita where we had a detailed  discussion about kind of look I wanted and she delivered exactly what I was looking for.


Surprisingly, we ended up getting ready before the time so we reached the venue earlier than I had expected. Even though I wanted to look around the venue to see how things had turned out, I was told off by my brother to stop being a control freak and start behaving like a bride so I went to the bridal room utilizing the time I had to get some nice pictures clicked.




I never expected the baraat to be on time thanks to all the experience I had having attended a zillion north indian weddings but even after dancing for like 3 hours, the baraat entered the venue on time and I was like wow now we are going to get the wedding stuff done on time and be home by early hours of the next day. Little did I know that our cute little panditji would decide to make sure every tradition in book of traditions was followed on my wedding which resulted in 3 different kind of pujas that lasted for around 2 hours and this was before the actual wedding ceremony. I was finally allowed to enter the actual venue after what seemed like an eternity and well the entry was definitely the highlight of my wedding.


There were two reasons as to why my entry was special. First I had asked all my bridesmaids to hold a candle in thier hand and walk ahead of me while my little cousin held a cute banner that read ” Too late to run jiju because here she comes”. As it was windy we had to arrange holders for the candles at the last-minute so we decided to cut the tops of these transparent plastic containers we had, to make them look like glass candle holders. The loud onset of ooohs and aahs we received as soon as I entered confirmed for me that the idea was a success .The second highlight of the entry was that in a traditional bengali wedding, the bride is supposed to hide her face with beetle leaves, sit on a wooden plank while the guys of her family carry the plank and revolve around the groom 7 times. Now I have never been on the lighter side when it comes to my weight so I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to be carried around and to be honest I never asked any of my uncles or brothers about it to avoid putting them in an awkward position. To my shock, as soon as I entered the venue covering my face with the leaves , I was instructed to remove my heels and sit on what looked like a decorated plank. My protest about it was met with quite a strict response of ” you can’t just go on skipping traditions”  so to avoid getting scolded even more on my own wedding, I sat on the plank and gave quite a squeal when they picked me up.






The revolutions around the groom were filled with sounds of oolo dhwani, cheering from the crowd, my constant chanting of “don’t drop me, don’t drop me, don’t drop me” and negotiations between the people who were carrying me about whether they should just take 3 rounds or 5 but finally we completed the seven rounds. This was followed by “maala bodol” or what is more commonly known as Jai Maala and yes all this happened while I was still sitting on the plank. I feel so bad for my friends and relatives that were carrying me but I have to say it was the most fun part of the wedding and I am really thankful to them for making it happen.



Soon after, once my feet were firmly on the ground our beloved panditji appeared and quickly took us to the mandap for yes no points for guessing another pooja followed by sampradan which is comparable to kanyadaan of north Indian weddings. I always thought weddings were quick and particularly bengali wedding but boy oh boy was I proved wrong because by the time our sampradan was completed and we had the opportunity to go on the stage that I had spent hours designing with the decorator, most of the guests had left. You cannot imagine how angry I was at that point of time because first I never knew that bengali traditions did not allow the bride’s mom to participate in any of the wedding traditions and secondly these traditions were taking too long. I know I am sounding like a total snob right now but I really wanted to have a fun wedding where I would some time to spend with my family, my friends and maybe some of the guests( atleast the ones that I recognized) but nothing of that sort was happening so far. My husband dearest being the good guy that he is quickly calmed me down and we got busy stuffing our faces with food because well no one was watching as no one was there and we still had another hour before we would be officially married and get some real food.




Even though I was super unhappy with how long it was taking for the panditji to get us to the now I pronounce you man and wife stage, the funny banter between the pandit from the groom’s side and our side kept us quite entertained. I think me and the boy must have been the most annoying couple these pandits had gotten married because throughout the ceremony we kept laughing or whispering to each other only to be reminded by our parents after every few minutes that we need to behave like the bride and groom. For us, I think this was just how we wanted to get married, laughing and sharing jokes, basically being us and even though alot of things did not go as plan we were happy with the idea of being together forever .





Looking back now I do feel it was really silly of me to get worked up as things started to go off plan. Now that I am on the other side of the town so to say, I suggest every bride to be to just let go of that voice in your head that wants to make everything perfect because things will go wrong but nobody cares and even you wont when you look back so dont drive yourself nuts. Just sit back, have fun, enjoy the attention and love you are showered with and laugh because trust me those pictures with you smiling and laughing with the most important person in your life will matter to you more than anything else.

Outfit/Makeup Details:

  • My Outfit: Ushnak Mal, South Extension
  • My Jewellery: Different stores in Chandni Chowk, Tanishq
  • Makeup & Hair : Plum Salon, Hauz Khas
  • Boy’s Outfit: Ushnak Mal, South Extension

Venue: Hotel Vista, Gurgaon
Decorator: Nempal Singh