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Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette: Vanity

Hi Girls,
I was once taught in marketing that consumer is an idiot and the better fool you make out of them, the better are your profits…;)
This particular lesson has always followed me wherever I go…I was determined to prove this statement wrong…so like a good girl I never fell for those buy one get one free schemes and other such marketing gimmicks….
But when I came across this palette from wet n wild palette which had 3 shimmer as well as 3 matte shades at dirt cheap price I was sure that something was wrong…I tried to reason myself out of buying it by turning to my beloved Google to look for bad reviews… …But this palette was like Sharukh Khan…loved by most…and even if not loved… at least it was not ignored πŸ˜‰
So finally I decided to give my “I am not a foolish consumer” part of the brain some rest and the “I am crazy about eye shadows” part took over and without wasting any more time,I ordered it…Its a pity that these beauties are not available in India… πŸ™

Out of the four available options…which BTW have been named after the seven sins…I bought vanity πŸ˜€

Vanity is a warm toned palette with mix of browns and golds. The left side of the palette has the matte shades while the right side houses the shimmery ones.The three matte finished shades are: a soft, barely-there beige, dirtied
light-medium tan brown, and deep, dark brown with burgundy-red undertones. The shimmer shades are:  a pale whitish-gold, bright yellow gold, and rich chocolate bronze.

These eye shadows come in a black plastic palette which has a clear flip top plastic lid. The
packaging itself is not build for travelling. If it falls or is moved around to much (which usually happens to makeup that you carry in your bags) it may break easily
and shadows may break too. 

The eyeshadows are really pigmented. They blend very easily.They are not chalky at all. The most amazing thing about this palette is that the matte eye shadows are much more stronger in terms of pigmentation than the shimmer ones which do show up better if applied over a proper base. The pale gold is definitely a little sheer whereas for me the best shades in this palette are the tan brown and the bronze shade.

The staying power is pretty decent. The good thing is that they don’t crease.
There are fallouts from the shimmer shades but that can be easily managed.
So overall I think I really love this palette. It is perfect to create any kind of look, whether its soft, smoky or a little glamorous. 
The only issue is the availability. I ordered this palette from where these palettes are available at around $7 plus shipping.
So have you tried any of the palettes from this range?
How did you find the?
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