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What Really Happened: Stories by Banaphool; Translated by Arunava Sinha

Hi everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
Being a bong who was born and bought up in Delhi, I never gave too much importance to learning to read and write in Bengali. As I grew up and discovered that biggest names in literature belonged to Bengali authors and their best works were in Bengali, I realized my mistake. 
Obviously, there are translations, but you rarely come across books where the translator do justice to the actual sentiments and thoughts of the author. But since I started the Indian Quills Reading Challenge,  I have learnt not to judge and so I decided to give What Really Happened a chance.

What Really Happened is a collection of short stories written by Banaphool. Banaphool is the pen name of the Bengali writer, playwright, and poet Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay. I had heard the Bengali version of these short stories as kid but I was too naive then to understand the depth of these “short- short stories” . As I kept reading one story after the other, curiosity got better of me and I decided to fish out the original book and bugged my dad till he read of couple of stories….and I was amazed how well the stories have been translated by Arunava. 
The stories are set in urban and rural Bengal, and has this charm that takes you back and reminds of all the stories that you know your grandparent used to share with you, simple yet so full colors. Characters development in even the shortest of the stories is sharp, precise but still detailed. The stories have a very soothing pace, there is no sense of urgency in any of these stories. 
All the stories revolve around human emotions, some stories convey them in such a simple manner that they leave you feeling very glad and some have soo many feelings conveyed in just a few words that you can’t help yourself but keep thinking about them.
I had a great time reading this book and would definitely recommend all of you to read these stories. The sheer simplicity will touch your heart and I can vouch for that.