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Why Books Are My Best Friend

Books are my life. I was 10 years old when my neighbor gave me my first novel, a book from The Famous Five series and boy I was hooked! Since then, the better part of my teen-aged years were spent buying and shamelessly asking people to just give me books on all occasions to help create my very own mini library. Obsession is the word the word that could be used for my feelings towards my books.

Here’s why I consider books to be my best friend

Books Are Trustworthy

Books are reliable when everything and everyone else lets you down. Even at your loneliest hour, you always know you can immerse yourself in a new world and everything will be okay. At least for sometime.

Books Are The Best Sleepover Buddies

Reading a good book before bed calms the mind, relaxes the body which results in quality sleep. Other perks include waking up to the happy thought of what the next chapter in the book will bring, always waking to a companion and a companion that doesn’t nag, smother or expect bed tea :p.

Books Are The Coolest Travel Companions

If you are willing to carry them, books will go anywhere with you. Whether you are boarding a plane, have a tediously long layover, taking a long train journey or just going to the doctor’s office. Carry a book and you will never be bored, lonely or restless.

Books Are Your Personal Advisers, Cheerleaders & Motivators

Books can be anything you want, a career adviser, a motivational speaker, an agony aunt with relationship advice or just a friend sharing life experiences. It might not solve your problem every time, but it will definitely give you hope and courage to face the issue and find a solution.

Books Are Your Personal Adventure

Hogwarts, Narnia or Westros, a new books brings a whole new world with it. And its not just places, like a good  adventure experience, a book has the capacity to take you through a series of emotions sometimes in like a single page.

I can go on and on about why I sometimes prefer the company of my books rather than being around people but that would make this an awfully long post. All I would say is that I take a lot of pride in having a humble and ever growing collection of books, an almost two decade long obsession with reading and that I hope that some day I can pass on this habit pass to my kids.

Do you love reading? What is your favorite thing about it?

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