Winter Workout

Hey ladies πŸ™‚
I hope you guys a great Christmas with your loved ones…I can’t believe new years is just 5 days away πŸ˜€
Also I can’t believe how cold it has become here in the capital…it is such a big task to pull myself out of my warm bed and brave the weather outside to reach work everyday πŸ™
One thing that suffers most during this weather is my work out routine. I just don’t feel like pilling on layers and going outside for a run or a walk, but thanks to all the fried food and sweet delights that I have been helping myself with during these last few days I definitely can’t afford to not exercise  ( and gain weight and not fit in my very pretty dress that I bought for my new year’s party πŸ˜‰ )
I am sure many of you girls out there face the same dilemma…to work out or not to work out during these cold cold winter…but like everything else there is a way around this problem too πŸ˜€
Want to know what it is….well read on…..  

It is one of the simplest form of exercise that you can do when you don’t have too much time on your hand. i know stretching is not really a very heavy form of exercise but something is always better than nothing. It just helps to be more energetic and instantly warms your body up. I have already written about how stretching can help you and some basic stretching exercises. You can read about it here.
Walk whenever you can

I know I just said that it is too much effort to get up and go for a walk but what if you are already going too go out. I take the metro everyday to reach work and the nearest metro station is a 10-15 minutes walk from my place . So I try to get up 10 minutes early and get ready so that I have another 5 minutes and walk to the metro station. I do the same when I returning home, so on most days I am able to walk for approximately half and hour.
Running up and down the stairs

This was suggested to me by a friend who has a small flight of stairs inside her home. This is one of the simplest cardio you can get….all you need to do is run up and down the stairs for 10- 15 minutes. Just be careful when you are doing this to make sure that you don’t trip.
Work-out videos

 Work out videos are your best friends in winters. All you need to do is find some time, make some space in your room, search for a work out video on you-tube and  that’s it. I prefer doing these videos mostly on weekends and on days when I reach home early and have a little more time on my hand. 

Here are some of my favorite work out videos:
So how do you work out in winters?
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