Za Perfect Solution Toner: Review

I have kind of become addicted to Za as a brand…don’t blame me…blame the brand…they make such good skincare products that I just can’t help myself :p. I have already reviewed their serum and the clay mask and today I am going to talk about the Za Perfect Solution Toner


Price: Rs 799 for 150 ml

The Za Perfect Solution Toner comes in this tall pink plastic bottle with a metallic screw on cap. I absolutely love the packaging of this toner, it looks so chic, love the pink, looks soo pretty sitting on my vanity and is super travel friendly. I was a little unsure about the screw on cap but it is really sturdy and stays in place.





The product itself is a colorless liquid with a faint floral fragrance. I have been using a toner which has a very strong fragrance that this turned to be a pleasant change for me. My initial reaction after I used the toner was disappointment as it felt a little heavy on my skin but that feeling lasted for like 60 seconds because once the toner settled, it left my skin feeling moisturized and not the heavy oily kind of moisturized but the natural oil supple skin kind of moisturized.

It cleans my face effectively without leaving it dry, gives a teeny tiny bit of oil control , I don’t have pore issues so I can’t really comment if it helps in making the pores appear smaller but yes I have seen a difference in terms of acne control which was something I desperately needed due to the sudden change in Delhi’s weather 🙁


The thing I love the most about this toner is how mild yet super effective it is. I have been a fan of the TBS Tree Tea Toner for more than 2 years now and no toner came even close to replacing it but I don’t think I am going to switch back to it for a while. I still love it but I love the Za Perfect Solution Toner a bit more :*

All in all, it is a great product. I have no complains with it…I love the packaging….the mild floral fragrance….the way it makes my skin feel all soft and clean and the acne control was the cherry on the cake. I also think it is ‘the’ toner if you have sensitive skin because toner in general are usually are too harsh for sensitive skin type but this is one of the mildest toners I have ever used.